Bee Swarm Removal Services

One thing that is common with raising honeybees is that at in time you will need to acquire bee removal services. The reason being is that honeybees swarm from the bee hive and establish new beehives in neighboring trees or neighbor's houses. More than likely you'll need to hire professional bee removal services to capture the escaping honeybees.

If your neighbors are not beekeeper's more than likely they’ll hire a honeybee extermination company to come and kill the bees. As a beekeeper you do not want this to happen because you want to capture those escaped bees and put them back in a controlled bee hive. This way you will be able to capture their honey producing power.


Conducting a successful bee swarm removal requires patients and the right equipment, so that the bees are not killed. If you're raising honeybees and they swarm you will want to hire a professional to remove the honey bees. A professional bee removal company can usually remove the bee's new hive within a few hours where it could take you all day without any results.

Owning honeybee hives require management on your part in visually checking the hives and making sure the bees are not swarming to another area on your property or for that matter your neighbors. When honeybees start swarming they become very agitated and if you try to capture them without the proper beekeeping removal equipment then more than likely you’ll end up killing the honeybees.

Hire a professional to remove your bees. Bee removal services are fairly cheap and will save you a lot of time versus trying to do it yourself. While the professional bee removal company is trying to capture the swarm you should be finding a new beehive for them so that once they’re captured you can put them into a new beehive box.

This will help reduce the possibility of another bee swarm thus keeping your honeybees at your site so that they can produce more honey for you. Don’t try to put the captured swarm of honeybees back into the same beehive that they left from because they’ll end up killing the other bees that didn’t swarm. Honeybees have a territorial instinct and as a beekeeper your goal is try to keep them happy.