How Much Can A Beekeeper earn?

Without mincing words, beekeeping is becoming such a lucrative career with lots exciting benefits that come with the job. And depending on how involved you are as a beekeeper, you could start earning some life changing cash within this growing industry that is starting to enjoy global attention. According to Sokanu, an average beekeeper salary is around $24,000 per annum. As a matter of fact, salaries typically start from $10,400 and go up to as high as $29,684.

More so, depending on the number of hives you have and how much time you can devote to all the works involved in beekeeping including the business aspect of it, you could earn quite a sum you’ll be proud of. And whether you’re a backyard hobbyist who enjoys raising honeybees or an entrepreneur who is into selling honey, you can make anywhere from zero to a $100,000 yearly. We understand that this may be such a huge figure, but then again, this industry has shown that you could make quite a lot, if you’re willing to put time and sweat into it.

With an incredible salary structure and lots of exciting benefits, beekeeping is certainly an incredible industry you may want to give a try. You know the best part about working in this industry? We would tell you. It provides you with lots of amazing opportunities to make money. Oh yes, whether you decide to raise honeybees and sell to businesses or organizations who may need them or you decide to keep them to make honey for you every now and then, you’ll still end up making some cool cash.

However, to make a decent money from beekeeping, you’ll not only need to be disciplined but also have to brand and market your products, especially for those who intend selling honey on the long run. And if you’re ambitious enough, you can even decide to sell both honey and honeybees, this may eventually lead you to earn 6 figures which is no doubt quite impressive.

Are you thinking of giving beekeeping a try or you have some experience and willing to work for a beekeeping firm? Well, now will be an amazing time to take advantage of this industry especially if you want to be financially independent. For hobbyist, the money may not immediately start rolling in. But with time, dedication and a bit of marketing, you can start living your dream life from money made from beekeeping. Wouldn’t you want that? We bet you would.

For beekeepers who work for commercial beekeeping organization where their job requirements include keeping the hives healthy while also ensuring that they keep track of honey, royal jelly production and wax, their pay is within the careers average of $72,000 per annum; which is quite a lot when you compare it to other industry. More importantly, it also depends on where you stay and the nature of the economy there. If you find yourself in a place, where the demand for honey or honeybees are high, you’ll obviously earn better than you can imagine.

Nonetheless, as a beekeeper you should already know that beekeeping is an agricultural venture, and even though you may not be milling grains like other agricultural entrepreneurs, your means of livelihood is still very much affected by lots of external factors including seasons, weather, diseases, and even healthy food trend. So, before putting all your bees in one basket, you may want to consider all of these factors as they can make or mar your business.

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