Beekeepers Bible Book Review

The Beekeepers Bible written in 2011 by Richard Jones and Sharon Sweeney-Lynch is a complete guide for any new or professional beekeeper. The book contains history of beekeeping and provides numerous recipes utilizing bee honey. The Beekeepers Bible provides instruction on how to manage the beehives and to harvest your own honey. The book gives insight on how to use honey and beeswax that your beehive produces.

Beekeepers Bible

The resource gives its readers fully detailed instructions on making candles, beauty products and furniture polish using the honey that your bees produce. The book is packed with almost 100 honey based recipes that will make your taste buds pop. The book is fully detailed with photos and etchings that provide you how to advice for your beekeeping needs.

This book is a great companion for raising honeybees. There is nothing left unturned in providing you guidance is establishing your bee colonies. Beekeeping is growing at an enormous rate and will continue as more and more urban and rural places around the world raise bees. If your on the edge of thinking about raising honeybees, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the book below that will be your guide in starting off right and utilizing your honey production to benefit yourself and your family and friends.

With the book you will learn the essential beekeeping tools such as using a honey extractor and extracting your honey from the combs when the time has come to harvest your honey. As we all know, honeybee populations have been declining the last 20 years and we as beekeeping hobbyist or beekeeping businesses can help reestablish the population of honeybees.

If your wanting one of the best honeybee books on the market I encourage you to acquire a copy of the Beekeepers bible to use for ideas and how-to when raising honeybees. This book leaves nothing unturned and will help you get your bees and hives established. Beekeeping is fun and exciting and as your hives become productive they are very low maintenance and you can sit back and reap the rewards of your honeybees.

You can purchase the Beekeepers Bible below at a great price from:

You will not be disappointed in the knowledge that is packed in this Beekeepers Bible. I give this book a 5-star rating.

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